Pulley Lagging

Our stock of roller coverings is the most extensive in Ireland. Along with our experience, it has been developed over many years and represents the best quality products drawn from manufacturers around the world. These materials have many uses and we will always be pleased to discuss and advise on a particular application. The range divides into five main groups:

Rubber, PVC and PVC/Synthetic Rubber

High friction coefficient, high resistance to abrasion, oil resistant, max temp 80 degrees C (PVC), 100 degrees C (PVC/Synthetic Rubber), 60 degrees C (self-adhesive version), food contact qualities (please contact us) All the above strips are available in self-adhesive form, except in widths above 100mm. Also, all our products are available in 30m and 60m coils except the following: D (75m), UD/UX (70m), UG (75m) and Z/ZT (30m). All the above are also available in Full Piece Width approx 590mm non self-adhesive.

Natural Rubber

High friction coefficient, high resiliency, good abrasion resistance, electrically insulating, good chemical resistance except to mineral oils and solvents, max temp 100 degrees C.

Synthetic Rubber

High friction coefficient, high resistance to abrasion, oil and solvent resistant, max temp 120 degrees C

Special Coverings

Felt strip sheet or seamless tubes. High temperature strips up to 220 degrees C. Glass cloth and Emery rolls. Mohair and Flock strips. Cork/Rubber based strips. Qualities for food contact (please contact us)


Textile applications including weaving, finishing, knitting, tufting, winding, sanforising, calendering, drying, sizing, lints and yarns collecting. Applications in converting industry for films, paper, tissue, stratified materials, adhesive, flexible packaging, wallpaper, floor covering and conveyor belting. Food contact qualities (please contact us for further advise)

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