Modular Belts

Fogarty Belting have over 20 Years application experience in providing the best modular belt that delivers real cost saving solutions to a wide range of industries.

Our product range delivers state-of-the-art features, for a wide variety of Industrial applications including where special materials are required for: low friction, chemical resistance, food safety, as well as with anti-static, flame retardant, metal detectable, high-impact and high-temperature properties.


Recent advancements in conveyor design and Plastic technology means in todays demanding industry, Modular belting can be used in more innovative ways to convey a multitude of products
Our Modular belting is used effectively in conveying:

  • meat, fish and poultry products – Including Fabric to Modular belt conversions
  • vegetables – Draining, Cooling and Blanching of Products
  • baked goods and Confectionary – Including very small transfers
  • packaging – All types of applications
  • Automotive – Sub Assembly and Car mover application specialists

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