Custom Fabricated Conveyor Belts

F&P Fogarty fabricates thermoplastic belting that can be provided with numerous accessories for better incline possibilities, spilling of product, belt tracking, etc.

The larger part of our cleats and guides are extruded materials of a superior blend of raw materials specifically formulated to match belt covers. Special care is taken for a constant and superior quality.

All cleats, both extruded and fabric-reinforced, are designed to carry weight and stay upright. With bigger loads, we envisage maximum flexibility with greater mechanical strength.

  • Angled cleats for higher filling capacity per cleat
  • Notched V-Guides for large profiles and maximum flexibility
  • Sizes: 5 x 3, 6 x 4, 10 x 6.5 (Z-profile), 13 x 8 (A-profile), 17 x 11 (B-profile), 30 x 16.
  • Notched & Solid.
  • Many different colours & compounds.
  • FDA, PVC, Urethane, Rubber

Various joint types:


  • In-house design allows for special adaptions to customer needs
  • Finger cleats for separation of product and dirt or water
  • Finger cleats for gentle feeding of conveyor belts with easily bruised product



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