Wire Belts

Strong, Durable, Reliable

The unique features of rod network conveyor belts offer numerous benefits that increase productivity, help contain costs, and improve your overall product quality.  Some of these advantages are included in the features list below:

Balanced Spiral Belting.

F & P Fogarty offers a variety of precision-formed balanced weave meshes to provide various opening sizes for proper product support or airflow. Together with its drive components, sprockets, filler rolls and support bearings, our belt is a positively driven belt that provides true tracking without a costly chain edge construction. Close product transfers are possible because belt tension is kept to a minimum.

The most common design for friction driven belts. Straight running because of the alternate right- and left-hand coils, with crimped rods to retain the original belt shape. Available with apertures from as small as 2.4mm.


  • Largest proportion of open-mesh area available – up to 86% – which improves efficiency in cooling, coating, draining, heating and drying applications.
  • Smallest diameter end rolls and drive rolls – mean that even your most delicate products are handled gently and easily with extremely tight transfers.
  • No-slip, positive drive – eliminates the need for complicated tracking mechanisms.
  • USDA approved – no hidden crevices make 302 stainless steel wire belts easier to clean and maintain. (Also available in high tensile strength carbon steel for non-food applications.)
  • Very low belt mass – means reduced power consumption for lower operating costs… plus less heat absorption during processing and easier handling.
  • Variety of mesh sizes available – choose the exact degree of openness that provides both excellent strength and minimal contact between product and belt.

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