PU & PVC Belts

Polyurethane / PVC Flat Belts

Features of the Fogarty Flat Conveyor belts

  • Totally hygienic and suited to conveyance of foodstuffs (FDA, USDA and HACCP approved)
  • Highly resistant to oil and grease
  • High mechanical resistance and resistance to abrasion

Fogarty POLYURETHANE BELTS offer very high performance in the production of foodstuffs:

  • compliance with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) concept
  • absolute protection and hygiene
  • resistant to cleaning systems.


F&P Fogarty belts are suitable for all types of Conveyors, whether horizontal, roller supported, troughed, inclined, with suction, curved, etc. The vast range of Fogarty products offer a choice of belts with many features including:

  • anti-static and non-conductive
  • flame retardant (in compliance with DIN 22103 and ISO 340 standards)
  • food quality types to FDA and HACCP standards
  • resistance to abrasion, oils, fats and chemicals
  • surfaces with low, medium or high coefficient of friction
  • high temperature resistance
  • high transverse rigidity and dimensional stability
  • low noise
  • smooth or textured surfaces

A considerable number of our belts are suitable for transport of unpacked food. They are non-toxic. They meet the strict standards of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and have been officially approved by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

There are special belts for any process. This can be for cutting machines, for transport of fatty dough, for belts that can take high temperatures.


Biscuits: dough sheeting, cutting machine, metal detector, rotary dough machine, packing table, cooling conveyor, turntable belts, gauge roll, pan on & off, microwave drying, checkweighing, vertical bag pull belts, laminating, stacking, metal detection.

Bread: sheeter, moulder, divider, hot pan, cooler infeed/outfeed, depanner, bottom & top slicer belts, metal detection, pan & lid incline, proofer

Confectionery: feed belt, turntables, cold slab, packing table, cooling tunnel, wrapping machine, extruder/depositor, guillotine, bottomer, pre-cooling, center forming

Meat: boning conveyor, bone incline, dicers/slicers, vacuum packager, scrap takeaway, skinners

Poultry: picker belts, transfer belts, feed mills, egg processing, cut upBox Folder Gluer: feed belts, stacker belts, folder gluer belts, elevator, bridge, down stacker, live roller, suction feeder, under stacker, counter ejector, strapper, beater, taper, scrap conveyor, hogger, baler

Electronics: anti-static circuit board conveyors, timing belts, covered timing belts

Pharmaceutical: custom transfer packaging belts

Printing: sheeter, stacker, strapping belts, feeder belts

Treadmills: smooth or roughtop, anti-static, endless with finger splice

Agricultural: graders, transfer belts, incline belts, baler belt

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