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In your business, timely delivery and reliability of service are of top priority. Every minute counts. As a result most processes have been automated and to add to speedy processing curve belt conveyors have been introduced in your conveyor system to link conveyors and to merge or divide lines. Your success depends on the smooth operation of this specialised equipment, so you need a partner you can rely on. Day and night. Whatever happens.

Corner belts have a tendency to run into the inside of the conveyor. That means construction and tracking are very important. Usually you will turn to the equipment manufacturer for replacement of a curve belt, to make sure you get the right product even if it means waiting longer and paying a premium. You may nevertheless prefer a regional specialist who will come in and help you whenever you need, regardless of the brand name on the equipment. With IBSA you have found such a supplier.

Computer aided design and construction

We supply bend belts for any make, model or type. A vast array of belt types is on stock at all times and we keep a close eye on developments and innovations, to improve performance of your curve conveyor and extend belt life. Computer aided design and manufacture ensure accurate fit and problem-free tracking. It goes without saying that all belt repairs and refurbishments are carried out to the highest standards, using quality materials. Your continuity will be safeguarded.

Solutions for optimal processing

Let IBSA supply you with the bestsolutions for all your curves, bends and corners.Not only will you get the best possible advice on how to optimize your processes from experienced people dedicated to your success, you will also enjoy competitive pricing and quick delivery as you deal directly with the belt manufacturer.

Any curve, bend or corner conveyor belt you need

Bend belts tend to run into the inside of the conveyor if they are not tracked well. There are a number of different systems to track the belts:

  • Stitched plastic beading
  • Eyelets & springs
  • Guide rollers
  • Tracking profile
  • Guide rollers
  • Nylon cam & loops
  • Guide / drive chain

Whichever system is used to track your curve belt, we can supply it. Is your system not listed above? Just contact us for advice. We can supply you with the necessary ancillary components like guide chains and rollers, but can also offer the option of reusing them where possible, to maximise their life cycle.
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