Belt Vulcanising

F & P Fogarty & Sons are a major distributor for internationally acclaimed manufacturers of conveyor belts. We are redefining the way “conveyor service” is defined by providing our customers with detailed on-line specifications and data on each of their conveyor systems. We can provide our customers with a belt survey which speeds up the process of belt identification and repair.

Our vans are fully equipped to the highest standards and our service personnel will track all belts as standard practice. We supply all types of belting, endless or open ended depending on customers requirements and we also provide an on-site vulcanising and joining service.

For our PVC products, we work closely with our suppliers . They produce a wide range of ± 80 standard belt types and accessories. Extensive experience, a dedicated R&D department and application engineering make it possible to develop and manufacture according to customer requirements. As a result of ongoing research and close contacts with distributors and the market we are able to respond quickly and competitively to any development.

Fogarty & Sons have many years experience in the business and have built a substantial and loyal customer base.

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