Airports / Logistics

International airports are getting larger every year with more and more passengers, parcels and airmail being handled in ever shorter timescales. Fogarty Belting supplies the world’s major original equipment manufacturers of logistics and automation systems. Their confidence in our belts is your guarantee of safe and reliable baggage handling during check-in, scanning, transport, sorting and loading.

Energy efficiency is a major concern within industries, and Airports are no exception. For our industry specific product types in timing belting and process and conveyor belting many unique profiles and joining methods have specially been developed to serve following applications:

  • Check-in & weighing
  • Merge & take-away
  • Pushers & diverters
  • Tray systems
  • Curves
  • Belly loading
  • Cross belt sorters
  • X-ray scanning
  • Baggage reclaim

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