Belting Distributors

You have come to the right address for all your conveyor belting requirements, especially if you are a conveyor belt distributor, installer, service company or fabricator. As an independent business we can offer unbiased advice on the most suitable belt product for your application. We can provide industry leading delivery times on fabricated belts. Our skilled staff at Fogarty Belting have many years application experience and we work closely with leading belt manufacturers. Whether you need a bespoke fabricated belt or a full slabs of quality belting material get in contact and we can arrange a competitive quotation.

We offer:

  • Extensive range of thermoplastic conveyor belts
  • Volta positive drive belt stocked and fabricated in house
  • Cut pieces, also in small dimensions
  • Wide range of profiled belts
  • Metric PU timing belts
  • Sealed edge belts in both PU & PVC
  • Full fabrication of conveyor belts: fitting of cleats, tracking guides, corrugated sidewalls, finger cleats, etc.
  • Fabrication of very long conveyor belts
  • Full fabrication Blue Polyester Mesh Belts, with special edge reinforcements and accessories
  • Belts with reinforced PVC cleats
  • Lagging of drums and rollers with friction material
  • Industry leading delivery times

Minimise Your Stock

Most businesses want to reduce stock levels. Let us help. Fogarty Belting hold a wide range of quality belting materials to suit most applications. We can supply small cut pieces cut to the size you need to fulfil your order requirements minimising material waste. Orders can be processed quickly and goods delivered to your door.

Specialist Fabrication

Fogarty Belting constantly invest in the latest belt fabricating technology that allow us to produce fabricated belts efficiently and to a high standard. We can react quicker than most of the larger belt manufacturers which allows us to offer improved delivery times. Let us do your belt fabrication and you can do the real work of growing your business.

Belt Sourcing

Not able to find the belt you need? Let us help.  We have many combined years of knowledge and experience and can help you find the right belt for your application.

Find out more

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