Our Suppliers

Fogarty Belting has gained its excellent reputation over many years for providing high quality belting products from market leading belt manufacturers such as Volta Belting and Ammeraal Beltech. Our knowledge combined with that of our suppliers ensures we always offer the most suitable product for your application.

The quality and reputation of our products delivered to our customers is directly related to the quality of the supplied products.

Hence, F. & P. Fogarty follows a consistent supply management. We see our suppliers as innovative partners, who show a development and high quality component to our products.

We have high-performing, internationally renowned partners supporting our competitiveness by continuous cost optimization and technological progress to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

We know that working with a wide range of diverse suppliers gives us a competitive edge in delivering high quality, innovative products and services.

We strive to ensure our suppliers have

  • Flexible reaction to the changing demands of the markets
  • Continuous high level of product and process quality
  • Regular economy of scale regarding material and delivery costs
  • Competitiveness
  • Quality management system
  • Environmental and energy management system

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For further information, please phone us on (01) 839 1991 or email us at info@fogartybelting.com