Our Mission, Vision and Values

What we do, what helps us to do it, and what we intend to accomplish

We are Ammeraal Beltech, a recognized global leader in process and conveyor belting solutions. We have great pride in our past and bold ambitions for our future.

We believe in:

  • Our people, our greatest asset, whose experience and knowledge form the basis of everything we do;
  • Our passion, both for the long tradition of excellence we uphold and the innovative approach that drives us forward;
  • Our products and services, whose high-quality performance and dependability are paramount to us; and,
  • Our ability as a company to combine these strengths and apply them in a relationship of mutual trust and cooperation with our clients so as to help them improve their businesses.

We are dedicated to using our innovative and comprehensive product and services portfolio of high-quality belting solutions and expert service networks to generate maximum benefits for our clients across the widest possible spectrum of industries.

Going forward, we aim to be the indisputable first choice for everyone seeking belting solutions across all business sectors and in all markets of the world, earning your confidence with our competence.